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Menara Films.

Founded in 2019 Menara Films is a Film production company with solid experience, reliable and media turnkey partner for production facilitation, music video, commercials, photography & documentaries in the kingdom of Morocco. Whether working collaboratively or independently, we offer you something unique; a multicultural and multi-disciplined team, bursting with extensive professional experience, passionate in creating innovative visual communications across a diverse range of exciting industries. Our business is built on relationships – it sounds cliche, but it’s true. At Menara Films, we believe that our combination of exceptional creative solutions, friendly communication, fast turnaround and competitive prices will keep you coming back for more.


Before shooting begins, our producer, who has an extensive track record of success in international features, advertisements, music videos, photo shoots , and shorts, work closely with you to make sure the production runs as smoothly as possible. During production, we provide an English speaking crew who will accommodate any and every request. Grips, gaffers, make-up artists, location managers, sound recorders – everyone on set has both the knowledge and experience to handle your production with the care it deserves.

Menara Films.

No other country on Earth allows for such drastic change in scenery in a single day. An hour’s drive or less from almost anywhere in the country can take you to the sea, an ancient city, a modern metropolis, mountains, biodiversity farmland, or the desert. We go the extra mile in scouting the perfect backdrop for your project by taking advantage of our connections across Israel. Let us do the hard work while you rest easy, knowing that the locations we find for your shoot will not only match what you envision but also fit within your budget.

Menara Films.

We use world class equipment: cameras such as ARRI (Alexa, minim Amira), RED Epic, Phantom Flex 4K, Sony (F55, F5, FS7, FS5, AS7), Canon, Panasonic and more; Lenses from companies like Zeiss, Cooke, Sony, Canon, ARRI; Lighting equipment from brands such as ARRI, Kino and more. Additionally, we employ a variety of grip equipment like cranes, dollies, steadicams, sliders, stands, flags and frames to help capture that perfect shot, ensuring we can give a blockbuster feel to any project.

Menara Films.

With our extensive network of talent throughout Morocco we can provide a variety of actors, models and extras of all ages. In addition, our network includes actors of diverse international backgrounds, meaning we can cast for particular language or ethnic specifications.

Latest News

Why Morocco is Africa's little Hollywood
September 15, 2017

In the new comedy "Army Of One", Nicolas Cage plays an American civilian who tries to hunt down Osama Bin Laden after an encounter with God, played by Russell Brand. The backdrop to the story is the slums of Pakistan's capital Islamabad. Here, Cage navigates the city's narrow back streets through loud traffic and buzzing markets on the back of a donkey, as seen in the recently released trailer. It's the perfect South Asian scenery. Except,...

September 15, 2017

The Centre Cinématographique Marocain was founded in 1944. It is one of the world’s oldest public establishments tasked with regulating and promoting film. Since the 1920s, Morocco has had a long tradition of welcoming foreign film shoots, from “Mektoub” by J. Pinchon and Daniel Quintin, filmed in Tangier in 1919, to “The man who knew too much” by Alfred Hitchcock in 1955, via “Othello” by Orson Welles in 1952 (awarded the Grand Prix at Cannes i...

Moroccan production boom set to continue as Hollywood embraces the North African nation
September 15, 2017

Hollywood is currently taking a keen interest in what Morocco can offer. The upturn may be attributed to the tax incentives that Morocco implemented in 2016 which offer productions a 20% cash rebate incentive, but the fact is that even before the incentives were introduced, Morocco was one of the most favoured locations in the region. The country can stand in for almost all Middle Eastern locations, few of which are as easy to film in as Morocco...